Physical Therapy in Wake Forest, NC

At Allied Rehab, we treat adults for a variety of different ailments and injuries. Therapists have significant experience with neurological conditions such as rehabilitation following a stroke or traumatic brain injury. Patients who struggle with impaired balance, falls, or vestibular diagnoses will also be provided quality care. Additionally, Allied Rehab can assist with all general orthopedic ailments with post-surgical joint replacements, back/neck pain, and generalized sports injuries included!

Physical Therapy Treatments

A variety of interventions are used to allow each patient an individualized treatment approach. Hands-on techniques such as soft-tissue mobilization, myofascial release, joint/spinal mobilizations, and trigger point release can calm muscle tension and relieve pain. Therapeutic tools such as dry needling, kinesio tape, cupping, and instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization can provide support to your specialized exercise plan. Gait and balance training is elevated with a ceiling-based harness track to allow for safety during more challenging activities. Every treatment session at Allied Rehab will be unique to you and your ailment.

Common Symptoms Physical Therapy can assist in treatment of:

  • Post-stroke/TBI rehabilitation
  • Post-surgical joint replacements (knee, hip, shoulder)
  • Post-surgical injuries (rotator cuff repair, ACL reconstruction, spinal surgeries)
  • Low back pain
  • Neck Pain/headaches
  • Falls/balance impairments
  • Dizziness/vertigo
  • TMJ dysfunction
  • Developmental Disabilities
  • Gait assessments/impairments

Physical therapy is a whole-body approach to health and wellness for neurological and musculoskeletal impairments. We look at your body, how you move, the amount you can move, and listen to your pain to determine what can be done to progress you towards more independence, safety, and less pain. The combination of exercise, hands-on treatment, and education allows for you and your therapists to not only address the specific symptoms you are having but also to allow you to function in your life with decreased risk of recurrence. Physical therapy focuses on the problem itself and the whole person, not just the symptoms that are disrupting your life.

Looking for a way to not only address pain, balance issues, and/or difficulty walking but to improve your quality of life overall? Physical therapy at Allied Rehab in Wake Forest, NC is the way to go!